Microsoft & Amazon Mülakat Sorusu – Merge Two Sorted Lists

LeetCode içerisinde bulunan “Merge Two Sorted Lists” sorusunun açıklaması ve çözümü. Bu soruda size sıralı olarak verilen iki tane linked list‘i birleştirip yine sıralı olarak döndürmeniz isteniyor.

► LeetCode 21. Merge Two Sorted Lists:

► Problem açıklaması:

Merge two sorted linked lists and return it as a sorted list. The list should be made by splicing together the nodes of the first two lists.

Example 1:

Input: l1 = [1,2,4], l2 = [1,3,4]

Output: [1,1,2,3,4,4]

Example 2:

Input: l1 = [], l2 = []

Output: []

Example 3:

Input: l1 = [], l2 = [0]

Output: [0]


The number of nodes in both lists is in the range [0, 50].

-100 <= Node.val <= 100

Both l1 and l2 are sorted in non-decreasing order.

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