LeetCode May Challenge – First Bad Version 1. GÜN – [Facebook Mülakat Sorusu]

LeetCode’un mayıs ayı için her gün bir programlama sorusu sorduğu “May Challenge”‘ın ilk gün sorusu “First Bad Version”‘ın açıklaması ve çözümü. LeetCode’a göre bu soru Facebook’un mülakatlarında sormuş olduğu sorulardan biriymiş.

🔥 LeetCode May Challenge: https://leetcode.com/explore/featured/card/may-leetcoding-challenge

✅ Problem açıklaması:

You are a product manager and currently leading a team to develop a new product. Unfortunately, the latest version of your product fails the quality check. Since each version is developed based on the previous version, all the versions after a bad version are also bad.

Suppose you have n versions [1, 2, …, n] and you want to find out the first bad one, which causes all the following ones to be bad.

You are given an API bool isBadVersion(version) which will return whether version is bad. Implement a function to find the first bad version. You should minimize the number of calls to the API.

Example: Given n = 5, and version = 4 is the first bad version.

call isBadVersion(3) returns false

call isBadVersion(5) returns true

call isBadVersion(4) returns true

Then 4 is the first bad version.

✅ Binary Search: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_search_algorithm

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