LeetCode Çözümleri – 695. Max Area of Island

LeetCode içerisinde bulunan “Max Area of Island” sorusunun açıklaması ve çözümü. Soruda size verilen 2 boyutlu bir grid içerisinde oluşan kara parçalarının (1) oluşturduğu en büyük ada alanını bulmanız isteniyor.

► LeetCode 191. Number of 1 Bits: https://leetcode.com/problems/number-of-1-bits/

► Problem açıklaması:

Given a non-empty 2D array grid of 0’s and 1’s, an island is a group of 1’s (representing land) connected 4-directionally (horizontal or vertical.) You may assume all four edges of the grid are surrounded by water.

Find the maximum area of an island in the given 2D array. (If there is no island, the maximum area is 0.)

Example 1:









Given the above grid, return 6. Note the answer is not 11, because the island must be connected 4-directionally.

Example 2:


Given the above grid, return 0.

Note: The length of each dimension in the given grid does not exceed 50.

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